Sunday, April 15, 2012

Of cakes, brides, and dead presidents

The cake is a lie. This post has very little to do with cake.

The cake is the product of several days tribulation at the end of March, wherein a storm took out our power for about 24 hours and forced the relocation of my cream cheese to the neighbour's fridge (about 20m away, but on a different transformer). Weekend cake became Tuesday night cake.    

Tuesday night cake was delicious, nevertheless. (Recipe here! Icing is standard cream cheese icing.)

Normally the rainy season would have tapered off by end of March, but the first week of April brought with it several days of rain. On Monday the 2nd, it alternated between drizzling and torrential rain all day. With Dan's car stuck in park due to the fuel shortage, our usual lunches at Mbambavu restaurant were on hold. 
My progress to Summer Park restaurant was stymied by a veritable river of water flowing down the alleyway, and I was forced to loop around past MUSCCO where I ended up hopping into a car and heading for lunch at the golf club with Dan, Fumbani (head of accounting), and Kingsley (head of internal audit and risk). While the golf club grounds were lovely, the restaurant was quiet. We discovered why when our food took over an hour to arrive (and we all ordered the 'lunch special')!

We made it back to the office around 2:30, and the rain started pouring again. Dan deadpans that Malawi is such a small country, with a population starting to outgrow its resources, and the population would quadruple with the number of people staying inside today with nothing to do but make babies.